The messy group

From Manager, September 23, 2020
Left, at the top of the photo: Military group who initially changed the political regime
Left caption: Khana Ratsadon
Right: Khana Rieyrad

[Refers to the September 19, 2020 protest organized by the United Front of Thammasat and Democracy. It was dominated by unprecedented talk challenging the prerogatives of the monarchy.
This cartoon ridicules the group for trying to mimic the actions and style of the military when it overthrew the absolute monarchy in 1932.
In particular, at the end of their protest, they installed a memorial plaque commemorating their own symbolic coup at the rally site. It was already removed by the next morning. Pro-government figures thought this to be ironic as the students claimed they were a new generation who would change the future of the country. However, they harked back to the coups of the past conducted by military men who ushered in decades of dictatorship.
Opponents jokingly labeled them “Khana Rieyrad” as they are not like Khana Ratsadon–the clique of ambitious military men who conducted the 1932 coup. “Khana Rieyrad” means something like “messy group” perhaps not only alluding to their old-fashioned tactics, but also their sometimes slovenly appearance in contrast to the military men of the past that their tactics were meant to emulate.]

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