The Man Who Shouldn’t Be Shown

From Manager, May 7, 2011
Headline on the newspaper: Poll indicates that Pheu Thai absolutely wins over the Democrats
Privy Councilor Prem is thinking: Hurrh… It seems that after the election, we need to help that kid again. When will he be grown up enough to help himself… this is boring. [meaning something like “this is annoying”]

[This is from the PAD-aligned Manager that alleges–just as the Red Shirts do–that Privy Councilor Prem is the power behind the Democrat-led government which is led by “kid” Abhisit. He is usually not shown because, as the head of the Privy Council, his activities are thought to express the will of the palace. However, both Thaksin and the Red Shirts have openly named Prem as their biggest enemy.]

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