The Lotus and Thaksin Supporters

Cartoon title: Monday cartoon series – Lotus
[There is a Buddhist teaching about human beings represented by four types of lotuses: 1) the ones that blossomed above the water representing people who are enlightened; 2) the ones that are growing up to the water level representing the people who are about to be enlightened; 3) the ones that remain under the water representing people who are very difficult to teach but there is still some chance for them; and 4) the ones that are in the mire representing people who are desperate to be taught. This cartoon series uses the third type to represent Thaksin Shinawatra’s supporters.]

Caption: At the bottom of a lotus pond
Small lotus on the left: Hey, you guys have emerged before me for a while…Why don’t you grow and blossom above the water?
Lotus on the right: Why should I rush blossoming? I’m fine just like this.


Lotus on the left: Fine. I’m going up now.
Lotus on the right: Where does he rush up to?; Hey there!

Lotus: Arks…! [expression of shock]
Turtle representing Thaksin: Take care of all these submerged lotuses before grow up to blossom, Nong Poo.
Crab representing PM Yingluck: Yes, brother turtle!

Caption: Above the water in the pond
Man: Another one is emerging! The total number of the lotuses emerged to blossom is 24,000, sir, Thaan Vasit.
[Pol.Gen. Vasit Dejkunjorn is a former police officer commissioned to provide security to the royal family, particularly His Majesty the King. Currently, he is a columnist for the Matichon paper apart from giving lectures at universities.]

Man: There are millions of lotuses under the water. Why only less than 30,000 of them grow up to blossom above the water?
Man on the left: They have been eaten by the turtle and the crab…Ajarn Kaewsan. It’ll take us some time.
Caption: *Let’s blossom with the Thai Spring

[Former senator Kaewsun Atibodhi is a law lecturer at Thammasat University. He has played prominent role in Thailand’s politics as both critics and academic. After Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s speech, Mr. Kaewsun and Pol. Gen. co-founded the Thai Spring inviting people who oppose the premier and her brother Thaksin to voice their dissatisfaction of the government’s corruption and especially the movement of some group of people who is trying to undermine the monarchy on the internet. So far, around 24,000 people visited their website.
The idea of the cartoon is the Thaksin is using people to his own benefit while misleading them.]

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