The Lisu Minority Group – The People Without a Nation

The People Without a Nation – Global Times, November 1, 2012
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…The earliest migration of the Lisu minority group could date back as far as 200 years ago. The Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture is the poorest region in the province, and the ethnic group kept migrating to Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Thailand,” Zhu Zhenming, a professor at the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times. More than 2.5 million Chinese from Yunnan migrated to Southeast Asian countries and 2 million of them moved to Myanmar, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday. “Thailand has a better policy than Myanmar for the Lisu minority group, so some of the Lisu people transferred to Thailand from Myanmar. The older generation can have a residential permit there but if their children choose to stay in Thailand, they receive Thai nationality. But Myanmar has been overwhelmed with its domestic affairs so it hasn’t offered aid to these people,” Zhu said…

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