The Li-ke party

From Manager, May 22, 2018
Sign on stage: Democrat Party’s Li-ke.
Democrat Party leader Abhisit (I think): Dr. Warong… what are you writing?
Former Democrat Party MP Dr. Warong: Questionnaire sirs, to find out why our party… did not win the hearts of the people.

[Li-ke is a traditional Thai dramatic performance. It is likely considered old-fashioned and a quaint by the younger generation.
The cartoonist compares the Democrat Party to Li-ke as it seems unable to capitalize on the political turmoil of the last 15 years and win elections.
Compared to the flashy populism and big money handouts of the Pheu Thai and the attention-getting handsome young men starting new parties, the Democrats seem staid and uninteresting, perhaps representing the past of Thai politics rather than the future.]

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