The Kra Canal: Breaking the “Devil’s neck”

Breaking the “Devil’s neck” – The Economist, November 20, 2012
…That 17th-century Frenchman failed, but the dream stayed on for generations. Modern ships had hoped to save between 28 and 40 hours by using a canal through Kra. In the decades since Thailand became a constitutional monarchy, in 1932, its governments have commissioned more than 20 studies into how to cut through that tantalising isthmus, popularly known as the “the Devil’s Neck”.
There were political problems with the plan however, to go with the enormous engineering challenge. Any channel through Kra would have created a watery, man-made barrier that cut off the ethnic-Malay, Muslim-dominated south of Thailand from the rest of the kingdom. This would have been politically inconvenient during any period, but especially so in recent years, when Thailand’s four southern provinces are racked by an insurgency…

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