The karma god may have a hidden agenda

From Manager, August 28, 2014
Man: Why do you only take care about the henchmen?… When it comes to Thaksin and his family, you’ve touched them… Did you made any secret deal with him?
Sign on Karma seat’s platform: Karma [revenge seekers]
News paper headline: Seh Pia coma, admitted to hospital
Caption: The karma [god] may have a hidden agenda like somebody.

[Seh Pia is Col. Apiwan Viriyachai, a Red Shirt leader and monarchy critic. The newspaper refers to the report of his illness from pneumonia on August 27 while on the run in the Philippines.
This means that, for all the self-serving damage Thaksin has caused since his rule and afterwards, he seems lucky enough to always bounce back while his henchmen, like Apiwan, have taken the heat of karma for their actions.]

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