The junta should follow Chavolit’s example

From Manager, October 2, 2018
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Promphan: Prayuth should follow Big Jiew [the nickname of for army chief and PM Chavolit Yongjiyut]… he resigns from all the positions in order to enter the politics with dignity… and honor.
Caption: The best example ever

[Refers to Chavolit Yongjiiyut who called on the junta to immediately step down from power.
Junta government ministers are indeed contravening political etiquette in retaining in their posts while preparing a political party to support the ruling junta.
The cartoonist make the point that Chavolit’s statement calling on the junta to step down also threatened a bombing campaign which is typical of his public pronouncements on behalf of the pro-Thaksin opposition.
Thus, the cartoonist contends that Chavolit is the last person who has the honor to call on others to do the right thing.]

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