The Junta Parked For Too Long Also

From Thairath, February 27, 2018
Title: Parking for too long
Over the door: Love democracy’s house [something like “Home Sweet Home”]
On the tank from above to below: Thailand Sustainable Project. Social enterprises. Return happiness. [all programs and promises from the military to the people]
On Prayuth’s shirt: Heart of diamond [Prayuth’s nose is like Pinocchio’s for his lie that elections would be held this year]
He is singing the song: Give us some more time… We promise to do as promise. [part of a song written by Prayuth]
On the shirts of people from left to right: People. Want. Elect. tion. [“People want election.”)
Mouse man: Help each other to remove them.
Mouse: [He’s] blocking freedom.

[Yet another cartoon referencing the two angry ladies who were filmed vandalizing an illegally parked vehicle with an ax. The ladies’ action caused a scandal that exposed the city government’s collusion in allowing illegal markets to operate and resulted in a crackdown on the markets.
Here, the incident is drawn to show the military blocking the entrance to the house of democracy and the people asking in unison to attack the military and drive them from power.
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