The junta now controls speech

From Manager, August 21, 2017
PM Prayuth: Kai-u [nickname of government spokeperson Lt. Gen. Sansern] tells the ministers to talk about their works to the media. Don’t they have their months? Why let me be the only one who keeps talking?
On the bottles from left to right: ministers, politicians, media, people [meaning the military junta controls the speech of all society now]

[Refers to the government asking the media to help promote the activities of each cabinet member instead of focusing on just the major stories connected to the prime minister.
This plan consisted of asking each media outlet to focus on reporting on one minister–a shocking and improbable plan especially as it is suggested by a ruling military junta.
The cartoonist implies that the reason that PM Prayuth is the one who is reported on is because he is the only person talking–the junta having locked up the voices of all other parts of society now.]

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