The junta eats the budget

From Thairath, October 21, 2017
Left: ‘Vegetarian’ Festival once a year
On the flags: Vegetarian
Right: ‘Fully eat’ festival many times a year
On the bowl: Budget for the return of happiness [“return happiness” being the junta’s motto]
Phi Nooring: Never stop eating
Mouse: Getting full and become bigger

[This cartoon references the vegetarian festival held in Thailand where food stands offering vegetarian meals are marked with yellow flags.
It contrasts this with the continuing military spending spree which now includes openly bloated budgets such as the recent request to buy radar guns for up to four times the market cost. This is intended to spread graft among officials via kickbacks from the supplier.
Such blatantly corrupt budgets have been a regular and open part of political spending in the past, but the ruling junta has vowed that they are different than the elected governments of the past.
However, the graft involved in buying radar guns makes the junta look no different than the previous governments they have derided.]

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