The irony of child angel dolls


From Thairath, February 2, 2016
Title: How can we have come this far?
Top left: Child angel. [shows the dolls being blessed by a monk]
Middle bottom: Human’s child.
On the bin: Garbage. [this shows a teenager leaving a newborn in the trash and a man abusing a child–frequent new stories in the Thai press]
Mouse man: Handicapped society.
Mouse: Mental illness.

[This critiques current Thai society where Angle child dolls are better treated than actual children.
The phrase “How can we have come this far?” is the popular phrase in Thailand right now. It means that, in the past, people thought a lot about morality and religion and wanted to believe and do the right thing. In the present, however, they totally forget morality and core of their religion and thus believe in weird things and take the wrong route in life.]

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