The House Speaker Crisis

From Thairath, June 7, 2012
The cartoon title reads: The House Speaker’s Crisis
On the chair: The House Speaker
On the arm at left: Rangsima [MP accused of trying to remove the speaker’s chair]
Man at bottom left: Constitution Court
On the paper: Reconciliation act
Arm holding the speaker’s leg: Senator who became senator by using power [referring to appointed senators]
On the paper under the speaker’s arm: Charter amendment
On arms at top right: Democrat Party
[This refers to the fighting in the parliament to stop the speaker of the house in his surprise move to expedite reconciliation bills which are seen as attempts at amnesty for Thaksin]

From Thairath, June 4, 2012
Left: Prestigious House Speaker, I would like to retract my words
Middle: I didn’t order you to retract your words, which words you would like to retract?
Right: I will retract the words “Prestigious House Speaker”

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