The Guillotine เครื่องประหารชีวิต

From Manager, February 7, 2012
Worajate Pakeerat: The media have distorted our message by alleging that we [the Nitirat group] intend to overthrow the monarchy. We have never thought about that. Never.
Both balloons (Singing in French): Allons enfants de la Patrie Le jour de gloire est arrive
The caption reads: Wow! It’s very clear they’re denying it. [wanting to overthrow the monarchy]
[Besides the French Revolution angle, this is likely referring to the Ta Torpedo incidents in 2008 when the government apparently tolerated her repeated statements pressuring the monarchy. The situation then was essentially the same as Thai politics is facing now–an attempt by a Thaksin-controlled government to amend the constitution to allow Thaksin to return.
As noted previously, this Nitirat Group issue will continue to be hyped up as it appears to be the only issue with which the establishment has been able to successfully pressure the government.]

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