The Guardian: The surreal rise of his despotic regime

Bangkok’s Big Brother is watching you –, March 22, 2015
…But still, the doublethink pronouncements are relentless. “If people want to do [opinion] polls, they are free to do so,” said Prayuth at Government House last month. “But if the polls oppose the NCPO, that is not allowed,” he added. A few days later an “independent” poll was published giving the regime a public approval rating of more than 80%. Earlier the junta had outlined its position on media censorship in a similar fashion. After summoning editors from Thailand’s mainstream media to a meeting, the appointee in charge of media monitoring, Lt Gen Suchai Pongput, explained: “We do not limit media freedom, but freedom must be within limits…”

Nothing will silence anti-coup Thais in Japan –, March 23, 2015
…Some informed me that the real turning point for them came in the aftermath of the military’s suppression of the red shirts in 2010. The rise of political violence and the military’s relentless interference in politics have compelled Thais in Japan to become politically enthusiastic. This has proven to be a common motive among anti-junta Thais in other parts of the world.
…But with Prayuth visiting Japan twice in less than two months, anti-coup Thais are wondering if anyone in Japan has heard their pleas.

Junta Leader Blames Thai Crisis on ‘Too Much Democracy’ –, March 23, 2015
…”Our country has seen so much trouble because we have had too much democracy, unlike other countries where the government has more power to restrict freedoms,” Gen. Prayuth, who is now chairman of the ruling junta and Prime Minister, told investors and businessmen at a conference in Bangkok today. “Even the media can’t criticize [those leaders], like they do here. I insist that today, we are 99 percent democratic, because I didn’t overthrow democracy at all…”

Stop intimidating the members of Southern Peasants’ Federation of Thailand –, March 22, 2015
…Reportedly, on 12 March 2015, the Sub-Committee on Land Rights and Forestry of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand initiated an inquiry into the actions of authorities of Surat Thani Province, following the complaint submitted by members of SPFT regarding acts of intimidation, forced evictions and killing of four land rights activists in late February 2015, including Mr Chai Bunthonglek. Previously, Pianrat Boonrit was detained for two days after presenting himself to the military on 3 February 2015. He had received a letter summoning him to appear at the Vibhavadi Rangsit Military Camp in order to attend an “attitude adjustment camp” for three days…

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