The government does not follow its values

From Thairath, August 19, 2020
Title: Kids are the result of the 12 Thai values [meaning that the 12 values that the government promoted, but did not follow itself, are being followed by children who are pointing out the rot in the government]
Prayuth on TV: We will follow our promise… give us time and it won’t take too long.
Nataphol: Preed [the sound of a whistle blowing]… Be careful. Don’t be divisive.
On his shirt: Education Minister
On teacher’s skirt: Threaten the students
Mouse: Don’t want a dictator

[This shows the government and schools threatening young people due to their different political perspectives. Education Minister Nataphol talked with the students to hear their voices on the current conflict, but he is known as pro-military and supported the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDR) to overthrow Yingluck’s government during the last coup.
The junta has promoted 12 core Thai values for a stronger nation. This cartoonist is sarcastic about government sincerity. For example, according to the cartoon, PM Prayuth did not keep his promises after taking power, asking people to be patient and the junta would clear up all problems before returning power to the people. However, he still remains in power and his rule has been beset by many obvious instances of corruption.]

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