The government can’t handle it

From Thairath, June 7, 2021
Title: Compete to live and die each day.
Doctor: Today, COVID vaccination increases by… people [the “…” here and below means a certain number of people that day, like he says “vaccination increases by 218,000 people”]
Paper held by doctor: People who have a vaccine injection
People from back to front: Scared of side effect; Scared to death; Scared of being infected again.
Paper held by the vaccinated man: Already vaccinated.
Medical staff member in the center: Today, the COVID infection increases by… people
Paper held by him: Patients
Medical staff member on the right: Today, the death toll of COVID infected patients increases by… people.
Paper held by him: Dead people
Papers close to dead bodies from left to right: Die at home; Aren’t being vaccinated; Can’t access the treatment; Too late for treatment.
Phi Nooring: Sad news everyday
Mouse: Don’t have an ability to handle

[Refers to the failure of the government to quickly roll out the vaccines to handle with the spread of COVID-19 in the country.]

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