The Gold-Rush Era

From ThaiRath, August 28, 2011
Cartoon headline: The Gold-Rush Era
[This cartoon plays with the word “gold.”]

Top left: They hope to get rich quick by speculating in gold.

Top middle: If you find monitor lizards around parliament, don’t be surprised, as there is a lot of polluted water in the pipes. [One term for “monitor lizard” in Thai is tua ngern tua thong (silver and gold animals).]

Top right: Some agencies work like they are unmelted gold. [Refers to the idiom “Thong mai roo rawn” or “Gold knows no heat.” This refers to people who feel like they don’t have to care.] The back of the chair says “EC” [Election Committee]. [The cartoon means the EC is not working like it should and does not care, as it does not feel the heat.]

Bottom left: The price of parrots and mynahs also increased. [Mynah in Thai is nok khun thong, and thong is “gold” in Thai. Thais make fun of others by saying they are talkative like parrots (nok kaew) and  mynahs (nok khun thong).]

Bottom middle: These policemen were transferred because they didn’t see the silver or gold ponds in their areas. [“Silver and gold ponds” refer to illegal casinos.]

Bottom right: They’re pushing policies to steal Luang Ta Maha Bua’s gold. The safe is labelled “Finance” [Ministry]. [The late Luang Ta Maha Bua Yanasampanno was a highly revered monk. His monastery was Wat Pa Baan Taad in Udon Thani province. After the 1997 crash, he launched a fund-raising drive to replenish state coffers and in 2001 successfully presented a great amount of gold and money to the Bank of Thailand. Rumors are the the new government will be using these amounts to fund their populist promises.]

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