The future of Thai elections

From Thairath, December 30, 2017
Title: Seeing the future…!
Bottom right on Suthep’s back: New party. Support the military. Dictator.
Next to him on politician show is being stepped on: Old party. Democracy
On signs at left being held by those who drafted the new constitution: Extending the NCPO [the military junta], Power of the law
At bottom left Phi Nooring: Is this justice
Mouse: Power based on their preference.
[People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Thaugsuban was instrumental in setting the stage for the overthrow of the Pheu Thai-led government in 2014, thwarting its plans to create an amnesty for Thaksin.
Suthep was come out apparently in support of the rumored military party intended to permanently thwart non-military parties from fully controlling the government again.
The cartoon comments on the new charter and other laws, instituted by the junta, that are designed to ensure military control.]

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