The future is in your hands

From Thairath, December 12, 2011
The cartoon title: The future is in your hands
Upper left: Text over the hand on the bomb reads: The shaking Parkinson’s hand [referring to Prasong Soonsri who Chalerm accused of orchestrating a series of bombings]
On the sleeve: Overthrow the government
Upper middle: Text under the water: The hand that holds justice
On the scale reads: Unity
Upper right: Text close to the bleeding hand: (Once) invisible hand
Above the hand: Khaosoi Dao [“Khaosoi Dao” refers to the land encroachment scandal that related to Privy Council members. In these editorial cartoon the hand thus refers to the Privy Council as being behind Thaksin’s ouster and shooting Red Shirt protesters.]
The sign reads: Ratchaprasong
The paper held by the hooded figure: Press charges
Lower left: Text close to the hand: Hand against the coup d’etat
On the sleeve reads: Democracy
On the cuff reads: UDD [the slingshot refers to Red Shirt warriors as a necessary force to back up the cause]
Lower middle: Text close to the computer reads: Cybercrime hand
Text on the screen reads: Posting libelous pictures and news
Text in front of the cell reads: Mobile phones and SMSs
On the hand reads: Ah Gong [referring to the elderly man sentenced to prison for sending SMS messages that were considered lese majeste]

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