The future is coal-fired power plants

From Thairath, February 17, 2017
Title: The goal is for the future.
On the flag: A coal-fired power plant in the South
On the small model held by PM Prayuth: Clean, Modern, High technology
Words on four people at bottom right representing typical southern people: Security of the power generation
On man biting PM Prayuth’s leg: Local politicians
On man next to him: Groups who have a benefit [meaning vested interests that might oppose the power plant plan]
On the NGO man: Against the power plant
Phi Nooring: Don’t wait until the day with a blackout.
On the mouse: Develop the South.

[Refers to the junta’s controversial plan to build coal-fired power plants in the southern province, Krabi, under the national power development plan.
This plan is opposed by many groups due to the concern on environmental impact on local residents.
This pro-Red Shirt and pro-Thaksin cartoonist seems to support the plan, possibly because it is creating dissension between the junta and anti-Thaksin, pro-Democrat Party people in the Thai south.]

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