The Frogs Who Desired a King

From Thairath, September 21, 2017
Title: A stork coming without an election
On left bag: Budget for a 20-year strategy
On right bag: Budget which cannot be checked
On the log: Political parties
Phi Nooring: Sent by an angel
Mouse: Too bad for frogs

[Refers to Aesop’s fable “The Frogs Who Desired a King.” The cartoon ridicules the various political parties that supported the junta. When the junta took power from the elected Pheu Thai Party-led government, political groups seemed to welcome it as they believed that the military could get rid of Thaksin influence and possibly corruption as well.
Later, politicians were surprised as they learned that the junta they wished for was like Aesop’s stork. The junta intends to remain in politics after the election and is as intent on controlling politicians in general as it is on stopping Thaksin influence.]

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