The Fools

From Thairath, March 31, 2013
Cartoon title: April 1, April Fool
Top left: MPs sleep in tents in front of the Parliament waiting for their conference. [Normally most MPs never show up at the Parliament. It is a serious problem as it is difficult to reach a quorum to conduct business.]
Top middle: Ramkhamhaeng university has to hire Gurkha militiamen to safeguard the university’s security officers from the students’ feet. [This refers to the incident when five Ramkhamhaeng University students beat up a security guard for telling one of them not to park in a no-parking area.]
Top right: Isan people are satisfied because minister ensures them that “nobody will die no matter how dry it is.” [Ridicules government assurances to farmers.]
Bottom left: The Thai government introduces new House of Government’s branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. [this refers to the places where government ministers and cabinet hopefuls flock to meet Thaksin who control government activities]
Bottom middle: The South becomes peaceful after Chalerm sent his sharp-shooter son down there. [Chalerm Ubumrung is Deputy Prime Minister designated to be in charge of the deep South’s insurgent problems. His “sharp-shooter son” refers to his youngest son Duang who was once a suspect in shooting case. After years on the run, he came back to Thailand and was cleared of all charges.]
Bottom right: The 2.2 trillion baht loan use is transparent and able to be checked at every step.

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