The fishy video

‘Al-Qaeda’ issues Thaksin threat – Bangkok Post, July 28, 2013
…It showed three men in Arab-type clothing, one armed with what appears to be a toy rifle, with the “leader” in the centre, reading the death threat…

‘Al-Qaeda’ Video Threatening Thaksin’s Life Dismissed As Fake – Khaosod, July 27, 2013
…Lt.Gen. Paradorn Pattanatabutr, secretary-general of the National Security Council, told Khaosod that the “amateurish” video is clearly not a work of Al-Qaeda or any other Islamist organization.
“The people who made this clip are no other than the same group who want to overthrow Mr. Thaksin,” Lt.Gen. Paradorn declared…

From 2008, a similarly fishy video: “Thailand United Southern Underground” ceasefire

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