The first time the Royal Thai Police solved a political bombing!


From Manager, March 10, 2015
Police: This is a first and the only one time that we, the Thai police, can catch the bombing suspects related to politics!!
A sign on a cage: Bombing suspects
Caption: The whole country has to celebrate.
[This refers to the bombing attack at the Criminal Court. In a surprise move, the police quickly apprehended some suspects.
Normally, the way one can tell if a bombing is related to politics is if the Royal Thai Police are unable to find suspects or if low-level country men with no motive eventually admit to the act. This is both because the police are first loyal to Thaksin and have no desire to become involved with political bombing activity and that they are generally amenable to bribes and pressure from influential persons.
However, since the coup, the military have had control of the police and have pushed them to finally enforce the law. Whether you believe the entire story behind the “100 bombs for Thaksin” plot, the quick work by the police in apprehending suspects and unraveling a plot in the bombing is startling. Normally the police would declare they have no leads and let such a bombing case go cold.]

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