The farmer’s happiness is the Democrat Party’s hardship

From Thairath, July 4, 2013
Title: The farmer’s hardship is a national hardship, but the farmer’s happiness is the Democrat Party’s hardship.
Sign held by a farmer: Maintaining rice pledging price at 15,000 baht per ton until the end of the season.
On the bag held by a farmer: Improving the quality of Thai farmer’s lives.
On the sign held by a farmer close to a hooded man: The farmer is the backbone of the country.
The hooded man: Spreading news [rumors] to destroy the Thai rice market, attempting to stop the rice pledging scheme, making false overestimated losses to destabilize the government
On the shirt of the hooded man: Order to kill people, 100 deaths.
Phi Nooring: A real national traitor
A mouse: Stop hurting the farmer

[This lauds the government for maintaining it rice payment subsidizes to rice farmers despite opposition claims that the plan is bankrupting the government and destroying the international rice markets.
As the rice payments are highly popular with the northeastern farmers who make up the bulk of government supporters, calls for ending or scaling back the program are thought to hurt the popularity of the opposition.]

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