The election is a referendum

From Thairath, November 16, 2020
Title: Go and fight at the election… Don’t mess with Too. [The cartoonist uses “Too” instead of “Tu” as a sort of insult to avoid directly using Prayuth’s nickname.]
Fighting men: Local election race; PAO Council; Chief Executive of PAO
On the money bag: Spending Prayuth’s popularity budget freely
Protesting students: Calling Too; To fight; Get out
Phi Nooring: The NCPO has been frozen for a long time.
Mouse: After the election, let’s join to overthrow the election. [meaning the sitting government my overturn or invalidate election results it does not like]

[Refers to the intense local election race, especially the provincial administrative organizations (PAOs), which will be held on December 20.
Many parties are now focusing on the PAO election as the local level administration will be significant in strengthening the power of political parties in the general election.
The cartoonist contends that the government, led by the Palang Pracharath party, is spending a massive amount of money on the elections. This has tended to shift the public focus from toppling the government to the results of the election.
The results will be held up as a referendum on the ongoing protests. A big win by opposition parties will be used contend that the majority of people wish far-ranging reforms of the nation’s institutions.
Those opposing the protests contend that the reforms being demanded are only supported by young people who have a big presence on social media.]

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