Sudarat adrift

From Naewna, November 22, 2018
Thaksin: Go take your own risk, Jae Noi [“Noi” is the nickname of Pheu Thai political heavyweight Sudarat Keyuraphan. “Jae” or “che” is a prefix attached to a name meaning “older sister.” It is from Chinese and here since Sudarat has Chinese ancestors.]
By the Krathong with Sudarat: Burn Thai Party [The cartoonist calls the Pheu Thai Party the “Burn Thai Party” in a play on Thai words. This transforms the party name to reference Red Shirt leaders who called on their supporters to burn the country in 2010.]
Caption: The first banana leaf vessel of Thaksin that must float away…

[Here Thaksin places a krathong in the river for the annual Loy Krathong festival. The krathong symbolically represents the cares of the year which should float away in the night.
The leadership of the Pheu Thai has long been in question. It has long been controlled by Thaksin family members and loyalists going back to the People Power Party in 2008. In all these cases the party gained power and then was wielded to push through contentious “reforms” clearly designed to pardon Thaksin and allow him to return to power.
This year it was thought that perhaps a more independent politician like Sudarat Keyuraphan might end up at the head of the party, putting an end to its headlong obsession with creating an amnesty for Thaksin.
In October, a political non-entity was instead elected head of the Pheu Thai and in subsequent weeks many politicians defected from the Pheu Thai to join pro-military parties or were transferred into other new parties set up to support Thaksin.
The Pheu Thai also seemed vulnerable to dissolution under new rules that prevent outsiders (such as Thaksin) from interfering in party affairs.
Thus the cartoonist suggests that powerful Sudarat, who has long hounded Thaksin to gain the leadership of the Pheu Thai, has been left to languish in an increasingly diminished party.
However, Sudarat is still widely popular and the Pheu Thai won big in the last elections despite predictions of a split electorate. News also has emerged that Thaksin’s son would join the Pheu Thai to show that Thaksin is not abandoning it.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, it seems to me that the prospect for Ee Sudarat to become PM has been much dimmer after EE Photjaman has changed the support to Chatchart – due to high popularity in social networks and the way he can get along with all factions within PT men – Yinglux never forgives Ee Sudarat for scene stealing during the great flood of 2011 while EE Photjaman felt upset when Ee Sudarat has shown her daughter to lull male voters – and then EE Oak starting to call EE Sudarat as Mama due to Nong Jill (daughter of EE Sudarat) – forcing EE Photjaman to choose Chatchart as candidates for Prime Minister.

    Even EE Sudarat has to make a face saving speech that she can work with Chatchart despite of rising status of Khun Chatchart while Ai Oy has moved to become PM candidates for Thai Raksachart while Wirote Paoin would just a puppet candidate for PM from PT men

    EE Sudarat is now traveling nationwide for campaign as PM along with Chatchart as economic Czar after stepping down from Quality House CEO while EE Oak is showing that she is still in Thailand as member of PT men – now Chatchart is like the Incredible Hulk while ee Sudarat is more like minor character in Avenger.

    In New Year 2019, Chatchart has become more like candidate for PM than ee Sudarat since Khun Chatchart has given better number of PT men as PM than Ee Sudarat due to much better popularity votes from Thai nettizens to rival Big Too with much popular votes against Big Too

    Nevertheless, PT men still has to put Chartchart as the 3rd candidate after puppet party leader rather than the first one – Yet, the secret Facebook of Bangkok Bangkok run by Unging (daughter of Ai Maew) has implied that Khun Chatchart got much better votes than Ee Sudarat. Even Yinglis is showing the real support for Chatchart since she has a vendetta against EE Sudarat since the great flood of 2011 despite of the status as a political mentor

    KHun Chatchart said it is the invitation of Yinglux as well as Big Oh, AI Pheng that make him joint with her cabinet. This has made Chatchart as the one with Yinglux connection – a clear sign from Yinglux that EE Sudarat is about to be abandoned as she found Khun Chatchart as the real replacement. Even EE Photjaman is going to abandon EE Sudarat after Ee Oak (more likely Yai Thamai – a ghost writer for Ee Oak) has said she will consider EE Sudarat as the second mom after she has brought Nong Jinni (her daughter) which upset EE Photjaman a lot.

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