The Difficulty of Evangelizing in Thailand

The Difficulty of Evangelizing in Thailand –, May 8, 2013
…Thailand is a country to watch. Overshadowed by Buddhism and a culture that assumes being Thai and Buddhist are one and the same, how will this current vision break through barriers which has so bridled the Gospel? What I didn’t hear was how the campaign faces the Thais’ fear of the world of spirits, a fear so endemic in the entire culture…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Many Buddhist monks has pointed out the zealot movement of Evangelists to turn South Korea into Christian country as the alarming sign

    The case Buddhist protest in South Vietnam in May 1963 by the persecution of the Diem family also has become example of distrust toward Catholic fathers and brothers who are considered the conspirators from Vatican … not to mention about the referendum fraud in 1955 that turn South Vietnam into republic regime and the 20-year period of South Vietnam before the Downfall of Saigon of 30 April 1975 which has become another National Security Threat of turning into Monarchy into a republican regime as the first step to turn into Communist regime.

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