The dictionary only gets thicker and thicker

From Thairath, September 16, 2013
Cartoon title: The dictionary only gets thicker and thicker
The hooded figure says: The destroying orator; slutty; stupid; whore [words used to insult PM Yingluck]
On the hooded figure’s robe: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies [referring to the end of the Red Shirt rally in 2010]
On the book cover: Oxford dictionary [this refers to Democrat leader Abhisit Oxford education so the book means a dictionary of words made up by the Democrat Party]
Words pages from dictionary, from top: Take only credit while discrediting others; only talk the talk; prime minister who avoided being drafted [referring to Abhisit Vejjajiva who was accused of avoiding being drafted]; tells lies; dictator’s lackey; believe in the non-parliamentary system; Amats’ lackey [aristocrats’ lackey]; threw the chairs [referring to Democrat Party MP Chen Thuagsuban who threw two chairs during a recent parliamentary debate]; meddle in parliamentary debates; screaming gibbons [referring to a situation during one of the parliamentary debates when the spokesman called in the parliamentary police to remove some opposition MPs. During the incident, a Democrat Party MP screamed in panic and therefore Pheu Thai MPs referred to the Democrats as “screaming gibbons”]; Phaa Thung award [referring to a protest of female supporters of the Pheu Thai Party against the Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva because of his sarcasm of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra presiding over the “Smart Lady reality show”]; threw files [referring to a Democrat Party MP who threw a file at the spokesman during a parliamentary debate]
Mouse: Discourses of persons who become more and more incorrigible.
Phi Nooring: Speak nicely brings good things to the speaker.

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