The Descent of Suvarnabhumi


Above and below: The "taxi mafia" at Suvarnabhumi Airport

The Descent of Suvarnabhumi - June 9, 2009

Many have commented recently about the increasingly chaotic nature of the international arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport--and indeed at the visitors exit there are multiple touts trying to misdirect passengers away from the public taxi exit and a general air of disorganization that brings to mind the Manila Airport of the 1990s.

Outside the airport is no better. Groups of "bandit" taxi drivers (left and above) are allowed to stand just outside of the taxi meter area shouting incessantly at the top of their lungs at passengers queuing in the meter taxi line.

The legitimate taxi drivers, all older men, stand ruefully by in silence as security people mill around taking no notice of the yelling bandit taxis.

Our taxi driver commented how "very terrible" it was that the airport security force was being paid by the "mafia" to allow these unlicensed taxis to harass passengers and steal fares. He also claimed that once the bandit taxis reached their destination, they would demand 1000 baht from the passenger.

Our driver further suggested that the solution for this would be to bring Thaksin back to "rule" the country as he would not allow this to happen to honest taxi drivers.
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