The Democrats take BOTH paths


From Manager, April 12, 2016
Left sign: Accept the constitution.
Right sign: Reject the constitution.
Democrat Party leader Abhisit is deciding whether to accept or reject the draft charter.
Caption: No idea how Pee Mark walks like this. [“Mark” is the nickname of Abhisit]

[This ridicules the Democrat Party’s recent harsh criticism of the draft charter which mimicked the Pheu Thai Party’s criticism, but oddly stopped short of calling on the party faithful to reject it.
This was seem as political theater with the Democrats making a public show of disapproval, while then actually wishing for the charter to pass as it would permanently disable Thaksin’s political parties and their plans.]

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One Response to The Democrats take BOTH paths

  1. Anonymous says:

    Strategy of UDD strategists to fool Junta to be lulled into the traps with a hope to gain victory from the ballots in the upcoming election after the end of referendum

    Democrat men said it is up Democrat party board to vote yeahs or nays to the Junta constitution

    the reason why Big Nui has to deal with the Subcommittee of teachers and education persons within the education zones as the way to destroy political networks of Ai maew which have been one of the main fortresses which Junta have to win at all cost

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