The Democrats join in the burning

From Naewna, November 30, 2017
On the left arm: Burn Thai [mocking the political party names of the parties controlled by Thaksin and his family]
On the right arm: Democrat Party
Left voice: Let’s burn it…!!
Right voice: I’ll be responsible for it!!!
Writing by the hand: Two big parties join hands to fight against the military party

[Refers to the rumor about the junta’s plan for establishing a military-aligned political party to contest future elections.
The Democrat Party always seems eager to emerge as a party to lead governments once Thaksin and his supporters have been sidelined in coups or other events.
However, the specter of a large military block emerging–bolstered by a senate packed with military men–could mean that the Democrats are shut out or minimized from power.
This led to calls for an alliance between the Pheu Thai and the Democrats to shut the military out of power.
To many, like this cartoonist, such a partnership with the Pheu Thai would be a shocking alliance of bitter enemies and open the Democrats up to charges that they will compromise any principle to gain power.
The cartoonist likens this proposed alliance to the burning of Bangkok (and other points around the country) in 2010.
This burning has been fertile ground for cartoonists. Here are just a few examples:
2012: Yingluck and Rural People Who Burn
2012: Burning Bangkok vs Burning the Red Shirt Village
2013: Demand Burning, Demand Democracy
2013: Pheu Thai Promises a Bright Future for Bangkok after Its Red Shirts Burned It
2014: Let’s burn it. I will take a responsibility for your actions.
2016: Let’s Burn It
2016: Burn and burn
2017: Who is left to burn Thailand?
Also: Red Protests – May 21, 2010
Also: Thaksin and Red Shirt Quotes]

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