The democratic tool to solve the nation’s problem

From Thairath, May 9, 2013
Title: Transfer the democratic tool [the ballot box] to solve the nation’s problem
Yingluck is throwing the ballot box to caretaker PM Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan.
On his tie: Niwattumrong
On the ballot box: Election on 20 July 2014.
On the flag over the ballot box: Caretaker PM.
On the judge’s gavel: Injustice. [refers to Yingluck being dismissed from her post by the Constitutional court over the transfer of the head of the the National Security Council]
Phi Nooring: Voice of people will help.
Mouse: Don’t lose to the dictator.
[The cartoon indicates that new elections are the best way to unlock the current political crisis.]

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