The Danger of Elected Provincial Governors

Provincial governor polls 'could ease political rifts' - Bangkok Post, December 12, 2010
...Thanet Charoenmuang, a political science lecturer at Chiang Mai University, told a seminar organised by King Prajadhipok's Institute yesterday that making governors electable will ease social and political rifts...

Danger of Elected Provincial Governors - TAN, October 13, 2010
...Many of the pro-red shirt scholars from Chulalongkorn University have proposed that the governors of all provinces in the country be elected, similar to the gubernatorial electoral system practiced in Bangkok Metropolitan and Pattaya...

[Considering the burning of city halls in May 2010, apparently with the complicity of provincial governors acting on Thaksin's behalf, it is likely the establishment sees elected provincial governors as one of the greatest dangers to the country.]
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