The daily word of the criminal is chimi chimi

From ThaiRath, Cartoon by Chai Ratchawat, November 21, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: The daily word of the criminal is chimi chimi ["Chimi chimi" is a slang phrase meaning "is that right?" The phrase has recently come to prominence as Deputy Minister Trairong Suwankiri instructed people not to use it as it debased the Thai language. This sort of condemning of slang phrases by the government is quite common.]

Top left: If one loves an institute, one must not disgrace the fame of the institute, chimi chimi? [this refers to the fatal bus bombing carried out by rival technical schools]

Top middle: If one claims that it is a fight for democracy, one must not leave by parachute [refers to a leave of absence from duty] until the parliamentary meeting ends, chimi chimi?” [this refers to the absence of MPs from their duties in parliament--particularly the opposition boycotting the proceedings] 

Top right: Right now, to buy drugs, one needs to buy through a jailed person in detention, chimi chimi? [refers to the rampant drug peddling from prisons]

Bottom left: One zone, one vote number is easier for vote-buying, chimi chimi? [refers to constitutional amendments that change the way MPs are selected and are criticized for making vote buying easier]

Bottom middle: Boonjong and Kuakul resign to run for the by-election, but nobody should take the seats, chimi chimi?
The words on the two chairs read “reserved” and “Do not take seat” [This refers to the resignation of two cabinet members to run for the by-election.]

Bottom right: Loyalty needs to be towards support of His or Her Serene Highness Prince or Princess, chimi chimi? [The man in the wheelchair is Gen Chawalit Yongjaiyuth who recently declared a royal figure would join the Pheu Thai. This implies he should actually support royalty instead of trying to lure royalty to join the Pheu Thai.]
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