The credibility of Buddhism in Thailand


From Arun, February 18, 2016
At the top corner: 4 groups of Buddhists [black] from ‘Pilgrimage and Dharma by Phrapormmakunaporn (Po.Or.Payutatoe)

On the picture: “When a monk did some things wrong, people say… what’s wrong with Buddhism? Bad and unrespectful monks. Then, people won’t pay respect to Buddhism anymore. However, they don’t think about another side. Buddhism belongs to the Buddhist comprised of four groups. If a monk is bad, Buddhist men and women shall protect Buddhism. When the monk is falling, those men and women need to act the main role to support good monks to protect Buddhism.”

[This comments on the decline of the credibility of Buddhism in Thailand. Due to news about monks violating Buddhist codes, many Thais, have criticized the inappropriate actions of monks. The quote is trying to urge people to think first and, instead of blaming the monks and Buddhism, to help protect the religion. The four groups referred to in the quote are traditional divisions of people in Buddhism–monks, priestess, men, and women. The priestess is not a “nun,” but a class of practitioner that Thailand does not have, but some Buddhist countries do.]

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