The coup for the military

From Manager, June 24, 2020
Thailand’s military rulers since the 1932 coup drink a toast to the military men who overthrew the absolute monarchy in 1932: Thanks for building an inspiration for a young generation of revolutionaries like us…
Name tags of the leaders from left to right: Marshal P., Sarit, Thanom, Suchinda, Prayuth
On the wall: 24 June (B.E) 2475 The day of the first coup in Thailand
Caption: Those people… shall celebrate.

[Refers to the Siamese revolution of 1932. It overthrew the absolute monarchy and led to decades of military domination of Thailand.
In recent years (and particularly this year after the disappearance of memorials related to the 1932 coup) there has been a move by anti-government groups to extol the 1932 coup as some sort of important move towards democracy. This idea has been repeated in the local media–mainly without questioning the assumption.
However, the 1932 coup brought the military to power and they have cast a shadow over politics ever since.
The men in the cartoon are the military dictators who ruled the vast majority of time since the 1932 coup–mostly through coups of their own.
They call themselves “revolutionaries” to mock anti-government figures like Thanathorn who style themselves as provocative revolutionaries ready to embrace radical notions.]

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