The Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA) banned
สมาคมเพื่อการท่องเที่ยวเชิงการศึกษา ถูกอเมริกาแบน

U.S. State Department Bars Major J-1 Visa Recruiter – NGA, January 10, 2012
…CETUSA had sourced student workers into exploitation at the Hershey’s Chocolate plant in Palmyra, PA. Students organized to stop abuses, and demanded that Hershey’s turn the temporary jobs filled by J-1s back into living wage jobs for local workers. CETUSA responded with threats and retaliation…

Closing the Student Sweatshop – NYT, January 2, 2012
…What the students got was endless hours packing and toting heavy boxes, risking injury for rock-bottom wages. There was no “cultural exchange,” unless you count immersion in the culture of an exploited, disposable work force. Once fees and jacked-up rents were deducted from their paychecks, the students netted between $1 and $3.50 an hour, far less than their American counterparts…

The Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA) website

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