The Constitution Designed to Fail


From Manager, August 8, 2015
Thienchay Kiranandana: Now a baby’s head coming out from the vagina.. Mr. Wanchai… Hurry up!! Prepare the warm water for bathing a baby.
The man having a baby is Borwornsak Uwanno
On the sign: Delivery Room Constitution
Caption: In a team of local doctors, there is someone hired [“someone hired” means someone paid or otherwise compromised to impede the work]

[The cartoon compares the launch of a new constitution to giving birth. The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC), led by Borwornsak Uwanno, created the charter. NRC spokesman Wanchai Sornsiri, seen pouring acid in the water) said that he personally disagrees with the draft constitution. Thienchay Kiranandana is the NRC chairman.
The cartoonist speculates that a number of powerful people, for various reasons, will sabotage the present draft.
All of this underlines the perception that the entire process of the “constitution designed to fail” is meant to ensure an extension of military rule.]

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