The common man is really the outsider

From Thairath, March 19, 2018
Left: We don’t want the PM from the outsider! The outsider has become widely reviled.
Middle, thin man: Even Big Pom doesn’t like the outsider!
Fat man: What did Big Pom say?
Right: Big Pom warned the outsider to stop criticizing about the black panther [case].

[The cartoon first shows a rally where anti-junta protesters warn that PM Prayuth will attempt to extend his power as PM after the next elections by having MPs select him as an “outsider” (or unelected) prime minister.
This parallels events in 1990-1992 where one of the coup-generals, Suchinda, was about to be appointed prime minister. People came out on the streets to protest this which led to many deaths and the collapse of the government. Subsequent constitutions were written to make sure an outsider PM could not be appointed again.
However, the latest junta-approved charter seems explicitly designed to enable an outsider PM to be appointed so that another Thaksin-directed party cannot take power.
The cartoonist’s joke is that Deputy PM Prawit (nicknames “Big Pom”) warned the media and the public to stop criticizing the investigation of the illegal hunting case against business tycoon Premchai. This is a rejection of public opinion from self-appointed military rulers. This makes common people and the media merely “outsiders” in public life as insiders like the military junta and police investigators will handle the case in their own way.]

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