The cobra and the eagle


From Khaosod, January 31, 2015
On the egg: Martial law
[Refers to a Thai idiom, “the king cobra is protecting his egg.” It means to jealously protect something.
In the cartoon, the king cobra refers to the junta while an eagle is the U.S. which is pressuring the military to lift martial law.]

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  1. Wiz says:

    the king cobra is protecting his egg? the king cobra is protecting HER egg would be more appropriate …

    There is a case of a boy who has stolen snake eggs inside Vietnamese cemetery without realizing that the snake eggs in question are belonged to king cobra … and the king cobra was hunting him down … and that boy has trashed and pounded that king cobra to pulp by sticks …. a few day later when he was coming to get some more snake eggs at the same Vietnamese cemetery, he got snake bite from that king cobra which he thought that he has pounded to pulp … He just paid heavy price for stealing King cobra’s eggs with his own life a few minute later … in front of his fellow who followed him who has witnessed this horrified incident and told this story.

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