The City of the Fierce Ghost

From Thairath, July 8, 2012
The cartoon title: The city of the fierce ghost… [meaning something like “dreadful things in the city”]
Top left: Gamblers start finding extra money to pay debts from football gambling [showing thieves approaching a woman to steal her purse]
Top middle: Follow each other to stay together in death [referring to love triangle suicides]
Top right: The E-pang ghost is still haunted.
The sign: Price rises goes high [in Thai “pang” means “costly” and is also the name of a character named “Pang” in a recent ghost story TV series]
Bottom left: The phantom who cut Abhisit’s car! [referring to vandalism of the former PM’s car]
Bottom middle: The destination of the speeding driver [showing a cremation ceremony meaning the speeding driver was killed]
Bottom right: The real house protectors are there. If do not believe it, do not challenge it. [Meaning the spirit house protects a property. The Thai word for spirit house is similar to the word for court so here it is used to symbolize the court, with a Red Shirt leader urinating on it. This is to attack the court for stalling government efforts to rewrite the constitution.]

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