The cartoon that upset the junta


[Some reports indicated that this cartoon infuriated the junta and led to the seizure of cartoonist Sia for “attitude adjustment.”]

From Thairath, October 3, 2015
Title (for left side): Previous day at the U.N.
PM Prayuth on TV: The Thai government protects human rights. We’re working for a better future for the country.
Caption (for right side): Today in Thailand
Papers held by PM Prayuth at right: Appointing the NRSA and CDC, Drafting a constitution to extend power and delay elections, taking people who criticize the government to adjust their attitudes, economic problems, Reform?, boycotted by the international community
Phi Nooring: Already committed with the global community [meaning Prayuth had previous promised the international community that elections would be held in 2016, but they have now been pushed back to 2017.]
Mouse: Spoke well and now must do it.

[The cartoon ironically illustrates the commitment of PM Prayuth to the international community at the UN which is in contrast with what is being done in the country.

“Appointing the NRSA and CDC” refers to Prayuth appointing members of the new Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) and the official launching of the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA). Those agencies are believed to be tools to maintain the junta’s control over Thailand’s political system into the future.

Another viewpoint (Thai junta looks good at the U.N.) is that Prayuth’s appearance at the U.N. was a success based on Thailand’s appointment as head of the G77.]

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