The Bombing Patsy?

[A patsy put forward to calm the public over Chalerm’s political accusations over Bangkok bombings? Or to deflect attention from the activities of disgruntled Red Shirts? Yes, all of this is very fishy…]

Man, 55, held for planting six bombs in Bangkok – The Nation, December 17, 2011
…When reporters directed many questions at the suspect, Chalerm cut short the press conference. Chalerm said he had ended the press conference because Priewpan was very sleepy.
Chalerm concluded the event by saying that Bangkok residents could now celebrate the New Year without worrying about bomb attacks…

Bangkok bomb scares raise some tricky questions for govt – The Nation, December 17, 2011
[The Nation gleefully posits that the government is having to contend with crestfallen Red Shirts who have been hung out to dry by the government.]
…This month Yingluck and her deputy Chalerm have made an about-turn and are warming up to the top brass. Red-shirt leaders appear to be left isolated within the main coalition party in their push to revise the military appointment process.
Yingluck has openly supported Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha, while the red leaders are demanding his removal.
More important, the government seems to have switched tracks, giving charter rewrite a lower priority even though the reds want to move at full speed to repeal the 2007 Constitution.
Despite Pheu Thai being in power, the red shirts are still finding themselves embroiled in legal wrangling with no end or amnesty in sight…

Update: Bombs suspect a ‘former red-shirt guard’ – The Nation, December 18, 2011

Some earlier context:
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