The big nosed foreigners of Exxon and Chevron


From Manager, October 28, 2014
Gen. Prayuth: Hey!.. Lucky! They give us bread in return for a 30-year oil drilling concession in our well.
Caption: Nowadays, this tribe still exists.

[Refers to the opening of energy concessions for foreign bidders. The privatization vs nationalization of natural resources is one of the key issues that splits pro- and anti-Thaksin groups. Those who oppose privatization raise the idea of nationalism and that that key resources are being given away to foreign firms as well as Thai intermediaries who are connected with powerful people like Thaksin or the military.
Thaksin has contended that privatization is necessary for modernization and the increased efficiency of utilizing national resources.
Anti-Thaksin yellow groups expected Gen. Prayuth to halt privatization, but were shocked when he insisted privatization should be carried out.
After being criticized, Gen. Prayuth agreed to forward the issue to the National Reform Council (NRC) to consider and find a solution of the matter within two months.]

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