The Big Gift Box

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, January 12, 2011
The caption reads: The gift from who? Finally to take the big gift box.
The words on the hooded figure’s robe: Ordering crackdown on the people
The letters on the front of the gift boxes read: Populist policy
The letters on the side of the gift boxes read: Vote wooing in advance
The top box reads: Prime Minister for a second round [meaning the government spending is meant to ensure the government has another term]
The words on the street sign: Ratchaprasong
The skulls are saying: The dead [will] never receive the gifts.
The mouse holds a sign that reads: Reconciliation needs the release of the UDD [prisoners]
There is a red balloon and bird at the right to refer to the release of origami birds and balloons to call for the release of UDD leaders from jail.]

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