The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – September-December

Thaksin cannot think, so Pheu Thai cannot act
From Manager, October 13, 2011
Left: Thaksin is thinking: Floods??
The caption underneath reads: Thaksin cannot think it through.
Right: Yingluck and her cabinet are thinking: Floods????
The caption underneath reads: So Pheu Thai cannot act.

The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – September-December
A collection of links and articles chronicling the Thai events of 2011.

General Wichean Dumped
Ex-Massage Parlor Tycoon Rubs Away Thailand’s Police Chief

Who is Chalerm Yoobamrung?

Thailand’s 40 Richest

From Thairath, August 23, 2011
The cartoon title reads: They [Yingluck’s cabinet] haven’t even started their duties yet, but others are already trying to restrict their space.
The shirt of the man holding fire is labeled “Salim.” [“Salim” is a multicolored Thai dessert, possibly referring to the multicolored shirts.]
The knife is labeled “media.”
The paper that Yingluck’s holds says: Policies of Cabinet Poo No. 1: Creating happiness, dissolving suffering.
The devil’s robe is labeled: Ordering people to be slaughtered.

When Big Men Sue Foreign Reporters

Why Thailand has become a popular path to freedom for North Korean defectors

Thai Government Backs Royal Pardon to Get Thaksin Home

Thailand’s Royal Wealth

Court acquits group of Moonies

Acid attack on foreigners at train stationMore on the Asoke Acid Attack

Nigerian Thai Embassy Instigates Harassment & Detention of Igbos

Editorial Cartoons on the Fake Cameras
Not All New City Cameras Are Real
Pantip threads that exposed the fake camera scandal
10,000 CCTVs

Thaksin, Noppadon Given Medals In Phnom Penh

Inside the CIA’s secret Thai prison

Accused killers oppose trial in ‘racist’ Victoria
Fuhrer furore! Thai student Nazi dress-up day causes outrageMore on the Costume Day Nazis

Ja Turbo: Raunchy ‘Itchy Ear’ song exposes Thai sexual hypocrisy

The Met Building in Bangkok Wins RIBA Lubetkin Prize 2011

“Wild Animals Do Not Belong in Shopping Mall”

From Thairath, October 2, 2011
The cartoon title reads: Support never goes away.
Coming from the TVs and radios: Yingluck’s government meets its citizens.

Bangkok Residents Begin Hoarding Food, Water on Flood Threat
Fear and confusion grip Bangkok as Thailand’s government struggles to manage flood message
Water Goddess Ka Kang Replies To Ceremony: ‘Fuck You’
Website staff, Froc clash
Missing from the action: Thaksin, Chalerm, Banharn and Sanan

Robert Amsterdam Lending a Hand – Thairath, October 12, 2011
Cartoon reads: Please rescue mouth-submerged victims. [“Mouth-submerged” is a Thai idiom meaning “cannot talk about something due to necessity or coercion.”]
Cloud carrying Robert Amsterdam: International justice
Above the head of the prisoner: UDD political prisoner
Submerged sign: Ratchaprasong 2010
On the water under the skulls: Victims from the April-May 2010 events

Chalerm asked to arrest Amsterdam
Lawyer Robert Amsterdam Responds to Arrest Threats from Democrat Party of Thailand

Thai Police Deny False Claims They Are Hunting For British Journalist

Supreme Court affirms illegality of defending human rights

Above: April 4, 2006

Thaksin Retires… Yet Again

Thai soldiers ‘murdered’ Chinese sailors

Man sentenced to 20 years for insulting Thai queen

Thai Army Alleged to Have Targeted Journalists in 2010 Protests

Evidence Thai troops killed Japanese cameraman

Lese majeste warning for Facebook users

From Manager, November 22, 2011
The caption at top reads: The case of the 200-million-baht robbery
Left: The robber’s behavior
Right: The owner’s behavior
[This refers to the massive robbery of cash from the home of the permanent secretary of transport. The robbers have become minor celebrities while the permanent secretary has come under fire for being unable to explain why he had 200 million baht in cash at his house.]

The Strange Pardon for Thaksin

EC strips Jatuporn of his status as MP

Reconsider travel to Thailand? Really?

Reds get 6 months in CentralWorld fire

US troubled by court rulings in Thailand inconsistent with freedom of expression

From Komchadluek, December 17, 2011

Chalerm begins to make his political moves
Chalerm and Prasong Soonsiri
More on Chalerm and Prasong
Chalerm denies warning about bomb attacks
The Bombing Patsy?

From Thairath, December 9, 2011
The cartoon caption reads: Gather together to pull up the root of double standards.
On the boot: Inherit the dictatorship
The constitution on top of the boot reads: 2007 constitution, CNS [Council of National Security] version
[refers to the constitution implemented by the coup leaders in 2007]

Dems: Thaksin has new Thai passport

Another Colorful Politician: Karun Hosakul

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