The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – May-August


Above: The sign reads: Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai takes action – “The experienced doers” support [the party] – Pheu Thai Party

The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – May-August
A collection of links and articles chronicling the Thai events of 2011

From Thairath, August 9, 2011
Cartoon title: That day, someone died.
Left: The soldier holding the piece of paper that has “CRES Order” written on it says: The boss ordered us to use shotguns. [CRES = Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation]
The other soldier says: The shotguns are all being used in other government duties, so I’m using its mother instead. [meaning they will use a much bigger gun]
At the bottom it says The base says “sniper” and the gun makes sound “bang bang.” [The soldier’s helmets look a little like German WWII helmets.]
Right: The first soldier says: Hey! They order us to aim below the knees.
The other soldier says: So what? I do aim lower than ‘my’ knees.
Sign on the barbed wire: Real-bullets zone
Sign: Ratchaprasong
Paper under the corpse’s foot: Democracy
Paper under the corpse’s hand: We demand justice

The “disappeared” lawyer: The role of the justice ministry in a travesty of justice

Slaves and Unpaid Servants in Thailand: Kaa-gao Dtao Liang

Thaksin: I’ll return at end of year
…”I will definitely come back at the end of this year. Just when my plane touches down at Suvarnabhumi Airport, drug traders will stop trading…”

Pheu Thai Promises: New Mass Transit Lines

Amnesty International names Thailand’s first ‘prisoner of conscience’

Disappearing Article? “B10bln baht cash disappears from system”

Prisoners in Thailand kept ‘shackled and cramped’

The Man Who Shouldn’t Be Shown
From Manager, May 7, 2011
Privy Councilor Prem is thinking: Hurrh… It seems that after the election, we need to help that kid again. When will he be grown up enough to help himself… this is boring.
The headline on the newspaper: Poll indicates that Pheu Thai absolutely wins over Democrats
[This is from the PAD-aligned Manager that alleges–just as the Red Shirts do–that Privy Councilor Prem is the power behind the Democrat-led government.]

From ThaiRath, May 16, 2011
The title: Democracy in Thai style
Left: To vote for the government ruling party… how much we’re gonna get paid?
Middle: To vote for the opposition party… how much we’re gonna get paid?
Right: To vote no… how much we’re gonna get paid?

Special report – Defiance in Thailand’s “red shirt villages”
…”If Pheu Thai wins and they don’t let us form a government, Yingluck should rest first. Brothers and sisters, you come out,” veteran red-shirt leader Nattawut Saikua told a recent rally of about 30,000 supporters in Udon Thani. “Attack. Attack,” he added to waves of applause. “Let’s get this over with and finish the fight. Then we will bring Yingluck back to become prime minister…”


The sign reads: July 3rd is the day for slapping politicians’ skulls – VOTE NO – On the 3rd put the mark on “No Vote” box X

From Not the Nation: Abhisit Promises To Look Less Awkward In Photos If Re-Elected

From Not the Nation: Pheu Thai Nominates Thaksin’s Sister For PM In Stunning Display Of Meritocracy, Progressive Thinking

The “Mistake” on the Ballots
Pheu Thai Instructions on How to Avoid a Spoiled Ballot

Provocative Articles and the Thai Wikileaks Book

Former clients of Somchai Neelaphaijit counter-charged for allegedly making false statements when they raised the issue of being tortured

From Not the Nation: Police Prepare For Election Day Expat Sobriety Riots

From Manager, June 15, 2011
Jailed MP Jatuporn Prompan says: Touch the muscle [rub the painful area]
The prison official says: Yes sir, Mr. next interior minister.
The caption reads: The popularity of Pheu Thai continues to rise… The man who receives benefit from the story.
[This cartoon refers to Red Shirt Jatuporn Prompan, the alleged institutional bias towards him, and fears he will be prominently placed in a Pheu Thai government.]

Pre-Election Red Power

Fencing Off Sanam Luang

Thaksin Moving Fast

Should the U.S. Issue a Travel Warning on Thailand?

Thailand’s Lost Tribes: The Natives who are not Citizens

At the PAD rally site

As bomb expert inspects, explosion rips car apart in Thailand

Shinawatras Pull Off Another Political Magic Act
Thailand’s ruling party’s error-prone road to defeat
Thailand’s Return to Democracy
Shinawatra’s likely return good for Thaksin Inc but not for Thailand

Hitler reacts to the Thai election

Remembering Thai Dreams of Checks and Balances

From Manager, August 6, 2011
Thaksin’s son is saying: The minimum wage of being Thaksin’s son and niece of Yingluck.
The word on the bag is read: 11,000 million
The caption reads: 300 baht per day type needs to wait
[This refers to the Thai Finance Ministry exempting Thaksin’s children from 11 billion baht in taxes from the Shin Corp share transfers.]

Wikileaks Documents: Thaksin’s control left in no doubt

Remembering the Thaksin Years on Thaksin’s Birthday

Reporters urge PM to act on threat against the media

US Citizen Sues Web Hosting Company for Identifying Him to Thai Government

From Manager, August 9, 2011
Cartoon caption: The prospective education minister is interested in the subject of history.
The book he is reading is titled: The Russian Revolution and the Fall of the House of Romanov
Books to the left: The Last Emperor, Overthrowing Nepal’s Dynasty
[This is Apiwan Wiriyachai, Pheu Thai list MP, known for his comment on comparing the Thailand situation with the House of Romanov. This has been a common allusion since the People Power Party year in 2008 when Da Torpedo and others were allegedly used to create leverage for pro-Thaksin issues.]

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