The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – January-April

Above: PAD and UDD: Common Ground

The Best of 2Bangkok in 2011 – January-April
A collection of links and articles chronicling the Thai events of 2011

Red Shirts and Thaksin juxtaposed

The catapult kid of Bangkok, the Time cover girl mutilated by the Taliban and the world’s other best press photographs of 2010

Thailand: Trial of web forum moderator jeopardizes freedom of expression

From Manager, April 10, 2011
Jatuporn is saying: The Songkran Festival this year – all Thai fellows let’s celebrate wholeheartedly as we don’t have a plan to stage a torching of the city [this year]
The caption reads: Celebrate fully as they allow
[In both 2009 and 2010, there were attempts to use the Red Shirts to overthrow the government by force on the streets of Bangkok.]

2Bangkok Situation Update: Thaksin’s Revolutionary Season

Thailand’s Full Moon parties are ‘schoolies on steroids’

How secure is your Thai-brand safe?

From Cartoon Khaprajam by Khuad, Daily News, February 18, 2011
The caption reads: The Sa-ra-khan Drama
[Sa-ra-khan refers a “land of the liar” where nothing is true. The cartoon implies a higher force controls the actions of the PAD, the Democrats, and the military to the detriment of the country.]

Triple Thailand tragedy: Briton drowns during stag party, pensioners die from ‘food poisoning’ and adventure holidaymaker is injured by rampaging elephant

Lese majeste dominates debate on govt’s performance

The story of the attack on Stickman: Cyberbullying And Karma

Thailand has ‘more women in charge’

Recent Views of the Mahakan Fort Community


The sign reads: The motto for National Children Day of the year 2011 of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva – “Be Prudent, Thoughtful and Publicly minded”


The sign reads: Bangkok children [are] wise children, we love the nation and harmony – from uncle Sukhumbhand” [ M.L. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, Bangkok Governor]

Mysterious deaths in Thailand – what’s going on?

Thai Official Says Protesters Ran Into Bullets

Thailand’s got trans talent!

Thai opposition party waits for Thaksin to name PM candidate

Boonmee a (really) strange, wonderful film

Over 1,000 Tall Buildings in Bangkok at Risk of Quakes

Reforms that Thailand can’t put off

From Manager, March 23, 2011
At left Mingkwan says: I have the nine qualifications that Thaksin claims proper for Prime Minister
The other man says: Turn to the back page to see the qualification number 10.
Right: WAAI [Oops!] …gotta be a Shinawatra!
[This refers to the nine qualifications noted by Thaksin to be a good PM. The joke is that there really must be another secret qualification to be anointed by Thaksin as PM of the Pheu Thai party–be a family member so the party remains firmly under his control.]

Topless Dancers at Songkran

Happy Songkran 2011

More on the Ministry of Culture’s Topless Artwork

2B Situation Report: The Crusade to Minimize Thaksin

Survey of the Defunct Hat Yai-Songkhla Railway

Chavalit Runs Away (Again)

Bangkok’s red-light nightlife must go

Threats and Destruction – Red Power, April, 2011

Wikileaks: al-Qaida targets included nightclubs in Thailand

More Thailand Mentions in the Wikileaks Gitmo Docs

Voice of Thaksin Editor Arrested

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